ASV Inventions Solo Sag Tool

From ASV Inventions – The Solo Sag Scale
Simply attach the clamp (the ASV knob) to your rear fender, insert the rubber cone into your rear axle, climb on and move the slider into position. It’s a snap!

The Solo Sag Scale is designed to enable you to adjust your suspension sag without the aid of a pit crew. And while it does do as it claims, we found getting the most accurate measurement required the aid of one other person to slide the “Red Slider” to mark the measurement.
The brilliant thing about the new Solo Scale is it removes the need for adding or subtracting to determine the amount of sag you have. Once you lift your bike onto a stand the Solo shows a combination of your static sag
as well as rider sag. Very nice for mathematically inept among us.

Another fantastic feature is the rubber cone that inserts into the rear axle keeping the device positioned with no effort making for extremely accurate measurement. Plus it comes with a nifty carrying case. One more thing, it’s made in the US.
Specifications and Features:
Telescopic design
Mounts to motorcycle
No assistance required to use
Precision, exact measurement
Collapses down to 15- 3/4 when not in use.
6061 aluminum alloy
CNC machined fabrication
Measurement numbers are laser engraved for precision
All parts are anodized and ASV logo’s laser etched
5-Year Unconditional Guarantee
Patent Pending
Made In USA
Retail Cost: $125.00

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