Specialized FSR XC Review

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For most people it is not possible to ride their dirt bike as often as they would like. Things like family, work and the distance one has to drive to get to a riding area have a lot to do with this. So what does one do for exercise between rides? Going to the gym is nice but it can be a little dull spending an hour on a stationary bike looking at all the other bored people doing their exercises. Part of what makes riding MX bikes fun is it’s done outside and you have the thrill of controlling a two wheeled vehicle.

About the only thing that replicates this experience is riding a mountain bike. In fact if you are into cross country moto, mountain biking is almost an exact replica… one obvious difference is no motor. If you are not aware of it, the mountain bikes that are available today are just as technically advanced as the MX bikes we ride, with hydraulically actuated disk brakes, and fully adjustable front and rear suspension. Some of them can cost as much as a new MX bike.