Speed is My Need – Movie Review

Going fast is a relative thing. We all have a threshold, a comfort zone where we are willing to spend a great deal of time without so much as batting an eye. We make mistakes here and there but they are usually minor. But the moment we push past that point all bets are off. And mistakes happen.

Speed is My Need is a documentary that takes a deeper look into the psychology of going fast, really fast, on a motorcycle. It includes interviews with “Fast” Freddie Spencer, the only rider to win the 250cc and 500cc Grand Prix titles in the same year, Colin Edwards, two time World Superbike Champion, and Leon Haslam, British Superbike Champion to name a few. Peppered throughout are interviews with psychologists, team managers, commentators, and some great behind the scenes footage at the Isle of Man TT and during the 2018 British Superbike Championship.

Speed is My Need is not just about watching riders who are quick going around the track but is about what goes on in the minds of those riders. Director Mark Sloper does a great job of bringing us into the magnificent world of speed and helps us cross over our threshold without needing to throw on a set of leathers. It is well worth the price of admission. And it just might even help you determine if top level racing is something you are truly cut out for and capable of.

Speed is My Need
Directed by Mark Sloper
Produced by Alan Bryon
Released 2019
Available on Stars and other video streaming services