Team USA Heads to Red Bull FIM MXoN With High Hopes

Two weeks ahead of the eagerly awaited Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations, happening at Franciacorta, Italy, on the October 4 weekend, defending Champion Team USA is ready to defend the Chamberlain Trophy with a new line up.

The event will make its comeback into Italy where it was last held in 1986. At that time Team USA with Bailey, O’Mara and Johnson took a stunning victory ahead of Great Britain and Italy. This year’s line up includes debutants Dungey (MX1) and Weimer (MX2) and MXoN expert Tedesco (Open).

The Team USA trio: Dungey, Weimer, Tedesco (© Steve Cox)

Dungey and Weimer are very excited about the event while Tedesco is back to business.
DUNGEY: To be able to represent Team USA at this year’s event is an honor and something I am really looking forward to. Being invited to compete for Team USA is a dream come true. Ever since I was a little kid I have dreamt of someday representing my country. I went to the MXoN a few years ago at Budds Creek. Going to that race confirmed that I someday wanted to be a part of it.
WEIMER: It is a very big honor to be able to race for my country! I am very excited and I look forward to it. I did not think about it until I was told I was possibly going to be chosen. It will be very important for me to do well and perform to my best!
TEDESCO: My first participation in the MXoN was in Ernee, France, in 2005. The first time I raced the event it was the most memorable race of my career. I did not know what to expect going over there and the race was way bigger than I ever expected. The fans are crazy over there! I did not realize how much pressure there is being on team USA, you are expected to win and luckily we pulled it off for our country.

Weimer is excited about his first time at the Red Bull FIM MXoN

Experience matters and for sure Tedesco will be a key member of Team USA this year among MXoN debutants Dungey and Weimer.
DUNGEY: I think my experience these past few years racing in the US has prepared me pretty well for Italy. I look forward to racing some of the world’s best on October 3 and 4. I know competing at the MXoN is really important not only to me and my team mates, but our country as a whole. I will line up in Italy and give my best as I do at all the other Supercross and Motocross races in the States.
WEIMER: I believe that we are all racers and when the gate drops I will just ride my motorcycle the best I can but it will be a little different than what I am used to. I have been to Italy one time in 2007 and raced a Supercross. I will also have a little different mentality but as far as commitment I always give my best every time I race, no matter what.
TEDESCO: I think it is important to have someone in the team that has experience with the event. It is a unique race and there is a lot of pressure that comes with being on team USA. I think I will have some good advices for the other guys, Ricky Carmichael really helped me out the first year I did the race because he had previous experience with the event. I think the best advice I can give my teammates is to give ourselves a chance and not do nothing stupid. We need to be confident that we are the team to beat but at the same time it is not going to be easy and we cannot afford to crash or be in the back of the pack off the start.

Tedesco will share his experience with young guns Dungey and Weimer

Team USA is really motivated to win again this year but they reckon it is going to be tough out there in Franciacorta.
DUNGEY: There are so many good riders from all over the world that I do not think any country can be counted out at this point.
WEIMER: I am not 100% sure but I know all the riders on Australia and they will be good also I know Italy and they will be strong as well as Germany. Basically I think there will be a lot of strong teams.
TEDESCO: I think Australia and Italy will be the toughest teams to beat. Australia has the US 450 Champ on their team and Italy has the World MX1 Champ on their team. It is not going be an easy task to win the overall but I feel we have the best all around team. Now we just need to go and show it.

Dungey wants to win the Red Bull FIM MXoN first time out

One of Team America’s main characteristics is their strong motivation and ambition. They are heading to Italy to win.
DUNGEY: I think we have built a good team this year and I think we are all going over to Italy with the intention of bringing home the cup to the US.
WEIMER: I think we have a good shot at winning. It is not going to be easy by any means but I think we are capable.
TEDESCO: I think we have a good shot at winning the overall. It is a tough race and all three of us need to have a good day. If we ride up to our potential we will definitely be in the running for the overall.

No matter what, the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations’ comeback to Italy will be a great event as Maggiora was in 1986, like Tedesco said: “The best MXoN in my opinion was 1986 with David Bailey, Rick Johnson and Johnny O’Mara. They absolutely crushed everyone and had a perfect score on the day. Johnny had an epic ride on his 125 beating everyone but his team mates who were on 500s and 250s. Definitely it was cool to watch.”