We just have to say, WOW at the quality for your magazine. Nice article and great photos. We sent it over to Motorrad USA so they all can read your article as well.

Oleg Satanovsky
BMW Motorcycle, Motorsport & Heritage Communications
300 Chestnut Ridge Road
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

I am absolutely digging the mag – I read through it while I ate my lunch today and found some really useful tips and interesting articles – I just recently starting riding MX, (I bought an ‘07 YZ250F about a month ago) and it’s been a real learning experience so far – it’s certainly nothing at all like riding a street bike! Luckily we have a guy here who races expert level MX and he has been kind enough to take the time to show me proper technique and really get me started in the right direction!
Anyway, thanks again for sending it to me… keep’em coming!
Thanks for your time and have a great day.
Christopher L. Parr
Art Director & Client Manager

Velocity, Inc.
1020 James Drive, Suite 101
Leesport, PA 19533

Hey guys,
I really like the tech tips. I have used the one about changing fork seals as a guide. It was very helpful in making sure I got things right.
Thanks again,
Louis Jordan

Dear EDM,
Once again I read through the entire issue… I tell ya, the articles are really good. Great job. I also like the hotties showing off the gear.
Sports Photographer
North Carolina

Hey Benjamin,
I just checked out easterndirt. Wow it is great stuff. I can’t wait to tell all my riding buddies. It is so cool to have such a personal site that a rider can hang out on and find out what is going on in (moto world) keep up the good work. Glad I found out about your site.
Later stewart #42

This is Gerald from Upstate Cycle in Greenville! I really want to thank you for the tips on the chain cleaning! Very interesting material! Looks like you`ve got a really cool thing going here! If you`re ever in Greenville, look us up!
Gerald Jones.

Loved the $1500 article and end note to ride responsibly.

I like the whole, all online thing. The lay out has a good flow. I am very impressed with everything. Also the articles are very well written and also have a very nice flow to them. Keep up the good work.

The magazine is great! I read beginning to the end. Thanks.

I think you have a great thing going with this on line mag! Great information, keep up the great work!
Joe Mariotti

LOVE EDM! Great format and awesome articles.

Definitely a cool magazine. You all are making it hard on me. I sort of decided to retire from riding (since Im getting married in may) and focus on other things but every time I check out the magazine it just makes me want to ride more. Keep up the good work.

I love the technical articles.

Great idea, love to see more personal stuff on the riders. Loved the privateer story.

Like the site; just discovered it through a link for the Chad Watts interview. Would like to see more in depth interviews like this from within the industry.

Hey there.
I stumbled across your mag while researching enduro bikes the other day. I appreciate the way you guys are constantly elevating your game when it comes to layout and article content. The photography is also excellent. I’m sure much of your readership has no idea the effort that goes into your shoots, but I appreciate that getting a nice soft depth of field and still capturing something in motion can be a hit and miss proposition.
Anyway, wanted to let you know that I appreciate the obvious effort to produce a quality product.
Thanks and good luck.
Chad Self | Apple Advertising, Inc