The Formula – The Great Outdoors Special Edition – Video Review

The Formula – The Great Outdoors Special Edition

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The 2007 Outdoor MX Series was to be last for Ricky Carmichael and with a limited number of appearances on the event calendar, it was the year for the GOAT to hand over the reins as Champion to another rider. In this movie you’ll get an insiders view into the ups and downs and drama those riders vying for that ever elusive number one plate face during the Outdoor season. The footage from each race is spectacular with features throughout the race series on Carmichael, Ferry, Reed, Millsaps, Alessi, Stewart, Windham, Short and Langston. Through these, we get a good look at who is under the helmet and on the podium.
In the lights class, the competition is equally fierce even though few riders can match the speed and dominance of Ryan Villopoto. Sit back and watch the masters at work. It’s a treat to see all the action slowed down to a pace mortals usually mis. The slow motion footage lets us into this world and inspires us to get out and focus on riding smooth and fast. Additional rider features include Villopoto, Townley, Grant, Hill, Canard, Stroupe, Lawrence, Dungey and Metcalfe.
It’s a great film you will want to watch over and over!
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