The Last Clutch You'll Ever Buy!

Finally! The last clutch you’ll ever buy! The latest in Wiseco forged innovation now has a lifetime guarantee against breakage and notching! Our lifetime guarantee covers our forged clutch baskets, inner hubs, and pressure plates for purchases starting in 2009. Offer valid with proof of purchase.

Wiseco precision forged clutch components have greater strength due to “feature aligned grain flow.” Compared to castings or products machined from billet, Wiseco forged clutch components can be lighter and still have increased mechanical properties resulting in higher strength, ductility, and resistance to impact and fatigue.

• Specifically designed to capitalize on detailed features that can only be produced by the precision forging process.

• Hard anodized and Teflon coated for a long life of smooth clutch operation through the elimination of wear on contact surfaces.

• Rotational mass is minimized for reduced assembly weight and maximum engine acceleration.

• Forged from lightweight, high-strength, certified, aerospace grade, aluminum alloy.

• Wiseco’s CNC machining process produces each clutch component dimensionally the same as the next.

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