The Motocross Conformist

Last year we reviewed an interesting novel on the sport of MX called the “Motocross Conformist”, written by Lee O’Dea. We have made special arrangements with Lee to quote excerpts from the book and publish them here on EDM. If you enjoy the quotes, pick up a copy of the book and read it.
We will be running the quotes once a week on Tuesday starting with the one below. Enjoy!
“After being pounded by motorcycles all day, the track was drier and the mud storm of the first race did not reappear. Even though his speed on the start straightaway had improved, he was still the last one into the first turn… At the end of the first lap, he was in 28th place… Going deeper into corners, holding the gas on longer, exiting the corners more quickly, he began passing other riders. By the 5th and final lap, he had worked his way up to 19th place.”

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