The X-Bushing

A new diverse shock suspension setup for KTM offroad big bikes. It replaces the OEM heim joint assembly
Its diversity is shown by lowering the rear end of the bike 3 different heights: 1/4″, 1/2″, 1-1/4″
This diversity is used for: vertically challenged riders, flat track, ice track, super moto, enduro and more.
Normally a rider would pay $200+ for a shock modification that is reversible, but would cost another $200+ to do so. The X-Bushing eliminates these costs and incorporates a few other nice features.
1. Easy maintenance
2. Easy adjustability within 5 minutes (3 different positions)
3. Changes the angle of the shock for a more progressive feel earlier in the stroke
4. Helps eliminate the KTM stinkbug affect

Retail: $50.00
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