Two Days In September – The Corduroy Enduro – Video Review

Two Days In September – The Corduroy Enduro, is a documentary video directed by John Dinsmore, released by Britoria films.

Some people just don’t know when to pull over, stop and say maybe we should put the bikes away and grab a drink. This video showcases some of the most rotten, horrible, un-fun conditions one could possibly consider riding in and the riders are having a blast, most coming back year after year for more self inflicted abuse and torment.

The film begins interviewing a few current day riders who have competed in the event multiple times… by multiple we are talking twenty-five plus times! Interviews are interspersed with a montage of vintage footage from the 1964 running of the Cord. You’ll laugh out loud when you see some of the bikes these guys were signing up to ride. The event got its start in 1952 when two friends, Don Charters and Ron Jackson came up with the idea and with the help of a few friends tested their mettle at putting on the two day Enduro event in the Hale Burton Highlands.

There were only 14 starters for the first year and only seven finishers. Now on its 57th year the event boasts hundreds of starters… Finishing is still just as difficult. And if you think you have it in you, you can make the drive to Canada and enter, each days covers just over 93 miles. For the 2009 event the original group of organizers got together to bench race and discuss the Cord. This video captures some of these fine moments and splices archive footage into the stories punctuating them perfectly. As a viewer you really get a sense for what was happening in the early days of the Cord… Seriously good times!

Included in the video, five times Cord winner John Penton makes an appearance and talks about his experiences while riding the event. As the riding footage unfolds you can only imagine what it must have been like to ride such unforgiving machinery through such unyielding terrain. With refreshing interviews and footage that will sweep you back to the 60’s and 70’s. The films nostalgia lets you feel like you are watching a segment from On Any Sunday… Carrying you back to a time a long gone, a time when Off-Road riding/ racing was in its infancy.

Even though much of the riding footage is from vintage archives, the film still inspires and when it finishes you will want to start making plans for your next trail ride.

Two Days in September will surely be a walk down memory lane for some and a journey back in time for others. Either way the film is great fun to watch and is sure to become an indelable salute to an amazing event with a colorful history. See current race footage, vintage photos and get more info on the Corduroy Enduro at

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