US Supercross Lites West Series: 2nd round Phoenix, AZ

US Supercross Lites West Series: 2nd round Phoenix, AZ
It wasn’t just the attendance and temperature that was better than the muddy and cold opener at Anaheim, the racing was too. MDK KTM Lites riders, Justin Brayton and Billy Laninovich, were eager for the day to start. Brayton wanted to show the audience that he could maneuver his KTM to the front once again and Laninovich wanted to show the crowd that he too was a front runner after a spill of bad luck left him out of the main event the week prior.
Both riders suited up for Heat #2. As the gate dropped Laninovich jumped out into the top three while Brayton wasn’t as fortunate and ended up mid-pack around turn one. Laninovich was able to hang on to third when the checkers flew earning himself a good gate spot for the main event. Brayton charged hard and worked his way through the pack passing for the last qualifying position on the final lap.
Soon the lights got brighter and the crowd screamed as the Lites main event was about to get underway. Brayton and Laninovich took their spots on the grid and waited in anticipation of the gate drop. Joining them on the gate was All American KTM rider Brad Graham on the #240 250SX-F lining up for his first main event of the year. When the gate dropped, Brayton got a great jump and came around the first turn in 5th while his teammate wasn’t too far behind in 10th. The crowd stood on their feet the first ten laps as the top ten riders remained within milliseconds of each other. The front running order changed repeatedly from lap to lap as Lites riders diced back and forth. By lap ten Brayton was hanging on to 6th while his teammate was in 10th. The lead pack continued to speed around the track remaining close each lap. With only a couple laps to go Brayton made a mistake when he tipped over in the rhythm section after the first turn letting one rider go past him. He regained composure and was able to catch back up to sixth when the checkered flag dropped. His teammate Laninovich finished 10th.
“I’m glad to see Justin (Brayton) running up front again. His speed is there. The top ten riders are so close. Justin was closing in on the pack all night and I know next weekend he will be up front again,” stated MDK KTM Lites Team Manager Danny Paladino. Also content with Laninovich’s performance, Paladino continued, “Billy made a big improvement from last week’s race to tonight’s performance constantly showing his speed as he stayed with the lead pack. The whole MDK KTM crew is great, every member of the team is giving his all and it shows.”
1 30 Jake Weimer Honda
2 28 Ryan Dungey Suzuki
3 123 Brett Metcalfe Kawasaki
4 60 Broc Hepler Yamaha
5 338 Jason Lawrence Yamaha
6 114 Justin Brayton KTM
10 132 Billy Laninovich KTM
1 28 Ryan Dungey Suzuki 47
2 338 Jason Lawrence Yamaha 38
3 114 Justin Brayton KTM 35
4 122 Daniel Reardon Honda 31
5 60 Broc Hepler Yamaha 28
18 132 Billy Laninovich KTM 11
US Supercross Series: 2nd round Phoenix, AZ
Round two of the AMA Supercross FIM Championship held at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ brought a nearly sold out crowd and perfect temperatures.
MDK KTM Factory rider, Nick Wey, was in Heat #2 of the Supercross class. He got a good jump but was pushed out causing him to come around the first turn in last position. He charged his way up trying to pass where he could on the fast track. By the eighth and final lap he had moved into 10th just one spot shy of qualifying. Forced to go to the last chance, Wey, nailed the holeshot and lead the race from start to finish earning a spot in the main.
In the Supercross class main, Wey had a poor gate pick and had to choose an outside line. As the riders took off he was pushed way out and replayed the last place start he had earlier in his Heat. He rode hard and stayed strong trying to move up on the pack. By lap four he had passed a few riders and was riding in 16th. The track was fast and each rider was giving it his all. Wey spent the majority of the moto battling with Davi Millsaps as they continued to pass back and forth. At the end of the race, Wey had closed in on the pack ahead of him but was not able to move past. He ended in 16th for the night.
1 7 James Stewart Kawasaki
2 22 Chad Reed Yamaha
3 14 Kevin Windham Honda
4 29 Andrew Short Honda
5 9 Ivan Tedesco Honda
16 27 Nicholas Wey KTM
1 22 Chad Reed Yamaha 47
2 7 James Stewart Kawasaki 47
3 14 Kevin Windham Honda 36
4 15 Tim Ferry Kawasaki 31
5 29 Andrew Short Honda 31
11 27 Nicholas Wey KTM 17