Vemar VXR5 Helmet Review

A crash helmet is a fundamentally essential personal safety device we feel every motorcyclist should be wearing, whenever he/ she climbs on a bike. Whether you are riding as a professional racer or riding for the love of the sport, your head is no match when it comes to slamming into something and properly protecting it makes good sense.

I was about a year ago that we tested the $400 VXR7 helmet from Vemar and came away really impressed by it. Fit and finish were right up there with some of the best helmets we’ve ever worn. We were so impressed in fact that when Vemar asked if we’d like to test the 7’s little brother, the VXR5 we jumped at the opportunity. The VXR5 shares many of the same high end features as the VXR7. The main differences we could see were shape, the size and amount of venting, and price. The medium VXR5 weighed the same as our VXR7, tipping the scales at 3.1 lbs. And with a paltry price tag of $200 the VXR5 is tough to beat..

The VXR5 features a round shell shape which offers a more generous fit ear to ear and snugger fit front to back (the 7 is oval). If you have a wide head, this is the lid for you. Vents are slightly smaller on the 5 than the 7 but we found the helmet vented perfectly fine. On hot days we sweat until we got rolling, once we got some wind going it was all good. The removable and washable ultra plush non-deformable high density expanded polyurethane inner liner and cheek pads is very comfortable and keeping the liner fresh and clean as simple as dropping it in the washing machine with the rest of your gear. The exterior shell is constructed of a lightweight carbon fiber/ fiberglass blend. Two sizes of outer shells cover the 6 helmet size range. All Vemar helmets meet USA DOT specs as well as the motorcyclist specific European Union spec.

The finish quality can be seen in the details

Each VXR5 includes a second visor and carrying bag. Fit of the VR5 is very comfortable with no awkward pressure points. It is designed with a wider head shape in mind to fit snug at the front and back with more room at the ears. Sizes range from XXS to XXXL. The VXR5 features a double density high impact inner shell, padded chin strap with a double D-ring closure system and a snap to hold that extra bit of strap, a fine screen is in the chin vent for extra roost protection and high quality, hand laid graphics are placed under a thick layer of UV protective clear coating. All Vemar Helmets include a five year warranty from the manufacturing date, which equates to the full usable life of the helmet.

At $200 the VXR5 is tough to beat

We have said it before, the most important thing to remember when it comes to a helmet is that you wear one! A quick search on you tube will show all sorts of JA’s stunting and messing around with a bare head. Your skull is very fragile, protect it!

As with the VXR7 we are very pleased with the fit and finish of the VXR5. As a mid level helmet it makes a great compromise between quality and cost.

Sizes: XXS-XS-S-M-L-XL
Suggested Retail: $200
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