Custom MX Cartoons by Wally Hackensmith

Have you every wondered where all the crazy cartoons top pros have plastered on the back of their helmets and riding pants come from? We have. Wouldn’t it be cool to have one personalized just for you? Something nobody else has… While these are not the butt emblems pros have they are the caricatures butt emblems are made of.
Walt Hackensmith has been creating MX caricatures since wheels were made of stone. His creations cover the best in the business from Brad Lackey to Guy Cooper, Doug Henry, Bob Hannah, Jeremey McGrath to name a few. And the list goes on and on. His work is really cool. So cool in fact we asked Wally to make one for us.
The process is really simple. All we had to do was provide a few things and a little guidance of what we wanted. Or if you want, you can just give him a few photos of your bike and gear and let him go wild! It’s a cartoon, he can draw anything! The entire process took a couple weeks and is delivered as a digital file. For a little extra Walt can make a 17×22 inch color print for you.
Cost is between $250 – $500 depending on the amount of work needed. Contact Wally at or 218.384.3767
Here are some examples of his work starting with the one he did for our friendly but snippy Editor in Chief, Benajmin Segal.

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