WORCS Series – 10th Round Taft, CA

Red Bull KTM riders Kurt Caselli, Justin Soulè and Mike Brown each placed inside the top ten at the WORCS Series final over the weekend.

The weather conditions were warm and the track was dry and dusty. So dusty, in fact, that sections of the course were deleted from the main loop because the dust was too thick and too dangerous for the riders to race through.

Soulè, in typical fashion, grabbed the holeshot and led the beginning sections of the race. His teammates Kurt Caselli and Mike Brown were right behind him within the top five on the start. By the end of the first lap, Soulè had dropped to second position while Caselli and Brown had made a couple mistakes that now ranked them 10th and 13th respectively.

Luckily, on the second lap, Brown had a good run through the EnduroCross section and picked up five positions to move into 8th. Caselli consistently moved up throughout the day as well, although he was heavily bothered by an old thumb injury that caused him pain throughout the main event.

When the checkered flag flew, Soulè crossed the line in 5th after a very strong final race. His performance at the final round moved him from 7th to 5th place in overall points. Caselli finished 7th which placed him 3rd in overall series points. Brown’s fast-pace throughout the day helped him go from 13th to 4th overall. “I am very proud of all three riders. Each rider rode hard and stayed strong through the end of the race. I am confident that each rider will perform well in their selected series next season. I am very confident in these three athletes,” commented Red Bull KTM Off-Road Team Manager Antti Kallonen.
1. Bobby Bonds
2. Ricky Dietrich
3. Taylor Robert
4. Mike Brown – KTM
5. Justin Soul̬ РKTM
6. Tim Weigand
7. Kurt Caselli – KTM
8. Tyler Sjoberg
9. Damon Huffman
10. Kyle Summers – KTM
Final Point Standings
1. Bobby Bonds – 212
2. Ricky Dietrich – 211
3. Kurt Caselli – 176
4. Damon Huffman – 121
5. Justin Soul̬ Р109