WORCS Series – 8th round Olympia, WA

Teammates Mike Brown and Justin Soulè finished 3rd and 4th respectively after a friendly battle at the eighth round of the AMA WORCS Series.

Brown started the race in 2nd place behind Jamie Lanza while his teammate Soulè had a good jump off the start but was pinched off in the first turn falling back to 15th. Brown held 2nd place as the riders went into the woods while Soulè had already passed three riders to make up a couple lost positions.

As the riders emerged out of the woods and toward the EnduroCross loop the lead position had changed to the #2 bike of Ricky Dietrich will Brown had dropped back to 7th after going off course and Soulè had climbed up to 9th position.

Lap two had the fans on their feet as local RPM/KTM rider, Brenden Ritzman, emerged from the woods as the new leader. Brown had climbed back up to 3rd with Soulè behind in 4th. Ritzman continued to hold the number one position on his KTM for the next two laps. Shortly, after the halfway mark Dietrich passed Ritzman to inherit the lead while the Shock Doctor/KTM riders remained in close battle behind.

After ten solid laps of laying it all out Dietrich came away with the win followed by a very excited Ritzman in 2nd. Brown held on for 3rd place only a bike length ahead of Soulè.

“It was a great day for KTM,” commented Shock Doctor/KTM Team Manager Antti Kallonen. “Anytime you have three KTM motorcycles in the top five is a great day for the team. We are happy with each rider’s performance.”

In addition to earning 3rd overall at the WORCS event, Mike Brown, was awarded the WORCS Bike Week Championship #1 plate during the podium ceremony. The award was given to Brown for his performance from his success in the week long events, including: Round 7 of the WORCS Series, Wednesday’s motocross race, Friday’s WORCS Cross and Sunday’s WORCS race results. “The rider with the best overall combined finishes is the champion and this year it is my honor to give this award to Shock Doctor/KTM rider Mike Brown,” stated WORCS President Sean Reddish.

In addition to the 2nd place finish for RPM/KTM rider Brenden Ritzman in the Pro Class, his teammate, Maria Forsberg dominated the Women’s Class on Saturday to take her second win since her return from injury.

“Forsberg is back stronger than ever,” commented Mike Hurlbert, RPM/KTM Team Manager. “She won the past two WORCS events and the WORCS Cross event over a one week period. Forsberg has also accepted the invitation to ride as a member of the Women’s Pro ISDE Team in Portugal. She will honor her team by representing the United States at this grand event.”

1. Ricky Dietrich
2. Brenden Ritzman – KTM
3. Mike Brown – KTM
4. Justin Soul̬ РKTM
5. Charles Mullins
Overall Points
1. Ricky Dietrich – 177
2. Mike Brown – 166
3. Bobby Bonds – 129
4. Justin Soul̬ Р126
5. Tim Weigand – 115
Next Event: Milford, CA – WORCS Round 9 – September 19, 2009